Greetings from My Canadian Pharmacy!

My Canadian Pharmacy is a company with a 17-year history. The pharmacy was opened in 1999 in Canada. The company not only sells medicines, it aspires to provide the most qualitative and useful pharmaceutical canadian pharmacy online

Advantages of My Canadian Pharmacy

  1. Only high-quality products that have all necessary certificates and licenses. We do not purchase medicines from questionable suppliers. The quality of our medicines is 100%.
  2. Optimal, wide assortment with drugs reasonably selected for real needs of customers.
  3. High standards of customer service. Professionalism and competence, you can always consult with a qualified specialist.
  4. Competent price policy, system of discounts and special offers from our pharmacy and from manufacturers make your purchases even more profitable!
  5. Convenient mode of operation (the pharmacy works around the clock).
  6. Comfortable conditions for servicing our customers.
  7. In My Canadian Pharmacy bank cards are accepted for payment.

We do not live for today, and therefore we are interested and have opportunity to offer our customers quality products and qualified assistance. We guarantee the quality of our medicaments. In the range of our pharmacy, there are only certified and quality products that are subject to inspection, as well as transported and stored in accordance with all requirements.

Competence, responsibility, tireless work on oneself are the components that enabled My Canadian Pharmacy, constantly developing and expanding its activity, to maintain reputation of a reliable and professional partner, and to be in demand among buyers for more than 17 years. Employees of My Canadian Pharmacy constantly improve their qualifications and have appropriate certificates of specialists. Thanks to knowledge of our employees, we are ready to provide our customers with qualified assistance in treatment and prevention of any diseases.

With great responsibility and knowledge of the business, we are committed to maintaining pharmaceutical order in our pharmacy, in particular, to organizing proper storage of medications and other goods permitted for dispensing through pharmacies and monitoring its quality at pharmacy level.

We provide affordable prices, as we cooperate with the main pharmaceutical suppliers of India. We have a system of discounts. When buying from our pharmacy you have an opportunity to save on expensive prescription medications by 60%.

We do our best for people to be healthy and happy!

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