Erectile Dysfunction in Elderly Men: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction in men or impotence is inability to achieve or maintain erection. If this condition for a man lasts more than four months, then this also speaks of this disorder. When the first symptoms appear, you should seek advice of a specialist who will prescribe proper and effective treatment.

Premature Ejaculation: What is It and How to Treat It?

Several decades ago, in medicine, it was widely believed that a man who had sex during less than two minutes had problems in intimate sphere. A little later, premature ejaculation began to be defined by other frames: when eruption of seminal fluid occurs before onset of sexual intercourse or at its very beginning. It is […]

My Canadian Pharmacy Hightlights the Main Features of Levitra Medication

Levitra is included in a group of drugs known as phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. PDE5 inhibitors affect the enzyme responsible for filling the penis with blood. Levitra increases venous congestion in the penis and helps a man get and maintain erection during intercourse. Vardenafil does not cause an erection without stimulation of the penis and […]

Viagra in Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Viagra is a medicinal product, which in the last decade has become the leader in sales in pharmacies throughout the world. It provides full erectile function in men due to its vasodilating effect. Initially invented for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Viagra was not used for this purpose at all. As a result of approbation of […]

What is Erectile Dysfunction by My Canadian Pharmacy?

Erectile dysfunction bothers men since ancient times and many healers have tried to solve this problem. Broadly speaking, erectile dysfunction consists not only in inability to maintain sexual organ in a state of erection, but also in violations of orgasm and weakening of libido, that is, sexual attraction. This term was introduced by the National […]

Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

In this article My Canadian Pharmacy will reveal some myths about problem of erectile dysfunction and confirm true facts about it. After taking a pill, you can not get rid of erection. Not true! To get effect of the drug after taking it, it is necessary to resort to sexual stimulation (caresses, kisses, hugs, etc.). […]